Hello! It’s an honour to be part of the Gangster School blog tour today, so I’m delighted to welcome author Kate Wiseman! Gangster School is Kate’s debut novel, and is now out in the UK with ZunTold following the success of its publication in Germany with Piper Verlag. Gangster School is set in Blaggard’s School […]

Hello! I have a fantastic new book to share with you today! Gwen Lowe’s debut book Alice Dent and the Incredible Germs is an incredibly funny and fast-paced read for children aged 8 and upwards. *Cover and inside illustrations by Sarah Horne* Read the first chapter here! Here’s the blurb from publishers, Chicken House: “When Alice […]

Have you heard about International Book Giving Day? Calling all book lovers! It’s not that long now until February 14th, so maybe it’s time to start thinking about how you can support International Book Giving Day. If you feel like joining in with the event this year, the idea is to donate a book to […]

My guest today is Chris Callaghan, author of The Great Chocoplot ! Can you imagine hearing, “in six days there will be no more chocolate in the world…ever!“? I know, pure horror! For Jelly, the main character in The Great Chocoplot, who lives in Chompton-On-De-Lyte and is partial to Blocka Choca bars, this is a total […]

Hello! Welcome to Barbara Henderson! Last year I was completely staggered by the power of Barbara’s storytelling in her Middle Grade book Fir for Luck, which tells the story of 12 year old Janet in a village during the Highland Clearances. You can read more about that here, and I would really urge you to get your […]

William Bee’s Wonderful World of Trains and Boats and Planes  by Pavilion Books is a glorious celebration of amazing vehicles, visual delights and vibrant language that will entertain youngsters and grown-ups alike. Each double spread is a treat to take in:  a lively commentary from William Bee, accompanied by graphics with a retro feel. It feels […]

Hello! Hooray! The blog birthday celebrations continue as we are very lucky to have Cerrie Burnell with us today! Many of us recognise Cerrie from her work on Cbeebies, but did you know she is also the author of a stack of books? Including these picture books (beautifully illustrated by Laura Ellen Anderson) Cerrie has also […]

Hello and welcome! There’s a big birthday celebration happening here today: my hellopipski blog is 5 years old! The first ever blog post here was my response to seeing two inspirational author-illustrators in conversation: Shaun Tan and Quentin Blake. They moved and inspired me so much, that I had to write down everything little thing […]

A gripping, timeless YA fantasy. A breathtakingly fresh celebration of womanhood.   Really there’s only one thing I need to say in this review, and that is: READ MARESI! Read it now, and pass it on. Tell the whole world about this book! Before I say any more, here’s Maria Turtschaninoff revealing the inspiration that […]

Hello! Today I’m delighted to welcome author Eloise Williams to my hellopipski blog, and for her to tell us all about her book Gaslight, which is a rip-roaring Victorian adventure story, filled with shady characters, shocking twists and a fantastically satisfying ending. Here’s a taster! I loved the story’s main character, Nansi, and how story is […]