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Welcome to my blog 🙂

If you wish to contact me, find me on twitter! @hellopipski

My beautiful banner illustration was created by the fabulously talented Demelsa Haughton, please check out her website!

*I am currently reviewing the GDPR requirements, so will soon have a page on that!*

A few things about my philosophy with this blog:

I only review books that I have genuinely enjoyed recently. If I receive the book from Net Galley or a publisher, I will say in the review. Mainly the books I review are ones I’ve picked up at my local library or found in my local bookshop.

Reviews will be posted on Amazon, Good Reads, Tumblr and Pinterest. The readership of this blog is rapidly expanding, and in 2016 I had readers from 80 countries. The majority of visitors come from the UK, US, Brazil, Australia, Ireland, Canada and Germany (in that order); and most are referred by search engines or Twitter. However, I’m getting an increasing number of referrals through Pinterest.

I like to give talented artists and writers the credit they deserve, and support campaigns such as #PicturesMeanBusiness and We Need Diverse Books.

About me:

I’m a qualified primary teacher, currently self employed as a tutor, and I’m a member of Scbwi. A former Golden Egg, I am currently submitting my picture books, MG and YA books to agents.

But mostly I’m a lifelong library fanatic, and book lover! I support any initiatives to get people reading and writing!

Happy reading everyone, thankyou for visiting 🙂


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Sarah McIntyre has kindly given permission for this picture to be used!


  1. Hi Pippa, this is Shriya, could you review my book when its finished?

    1. Of course, Shriya 🙂 I can’t wait to read it! I’m sure you’ll be a big star one day!

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