Monthly Archives: December 2016

Review of 2016!

Hello, Thank you to everyone who has supported my hellopipski blog this year! In 2016 I’ve more than doubled the number of views and visitors compared to 2015, and nearly trebled the number of views! The most viewed posts were reviews of: 1-Grandpa’s Great Escape 2-The Dreamsnatcher 3-The Bolds (once my famous unfortunate typo was […]

‘It’s A Good Job Santa’s Real!’ A Christmas poem by Pippa Wilson

A Christmas poem for all the Keepers of the Family Happiness. (One for the grown-ups!) Many thanks to all the readers of my blog, and to all the fabulous contributors in 2016. Lots to come in 2017! Merry Christmas to you all!  Pippa xxx   🎅It’s a Good Job Santa’s Real 🎅 It’s a good […]

The Inside Story with illustrator and author Julia Patton.

Hello! I’m delighted to welcome the super-talented Julia Patton to my hellopipski blog. It will be fascinating to find out how an illustrator of picture books operates! Julia has illustrated many books such as Mind Boggling Numbers by Michael Rosen and Professor McQuark and the Oojamflip by Lou Treleaven, and she also writes and illustrates her […]