A review of Gwen Lowe’s ‘Alice Dent and the Incredible Germs’ .

Hello! I have a fantastic new book to share with you today!

Gwen Lowe’s debut book Alice Dent and the Incredible Germs is an incredibly funny and fast-paced read for children aged 8 and upwards.

Alice Dent and the Incredible Germs Jacket lowres

£6.99 Paperback Chicken House

*Cover and inside illustrations by Sarah Horne*

Read the first chapter here!

Here’s the blurb from publishers, Chicken House:

“When Alice Dent gets a cold, she has no idea how much trouble it’s about to cause.

Because this is no ordinary cold: it comes with some seriously weird side-effects. For a start, Alice can’t stop giggling and every animal she meets sticks to her like glue! But when the mysterious Best Minister for Everything Nicely Perfect and his scary masked henchmen come to take her away, Alice realizes her troubles are only just beginning …

Bursting with quirky charm and dark Dahl-esque humour; guaranteed to make you giggle!”

So what did I think?

Fast-paced, full of action and lots of laughs!

I have to admit, Gwen Lowe’s debut novel had me giggling from the very start. The premise is so fresh (or should that be so germy?), and the characters are so much fun, that you’re in for an absolute treat! The witty storytelling sparkles with the action rattling off at sneeze-like speed.  Alice Dent and The Incredible Germs is written in an upbeat, easy-to-read style, and is therefore  guaranteed to delight kids and grown-ups alike. Alice’s entertaining adventures are spot on for this age group: The pace never dwindles! By the end of the book we feel happy to have made a bunch of fabulous new friends, and the theme of friendship shines strongly throughout the story, which is a real inspiration. Above all, it is so nice to have a Middle Grade book that is a little bit different in content. Hooray!

A kind of modern allegory about parents’ health anxieties conflicting with the need for kids to be kids (take heed you parents with your dusters and anti-bacterial sprays!), the wonderful characters, led by Alice, take you on a lively adventure. Alice’s parents are delightfully hideous and unsuitable for parenting in a way that reminds me of Roald Dahl’s gruesome creations, yet they are portrayed within a contemporary-feel setting, with a wonderfully original storyline. This humorous book exceeds expectations where the laughs, and the quality of writing, are concerned. It’s a definite tonic for those in need of a pick-me-up!

Debut author Gwen Lowe knows what she is talking when it comes to germs, as she is a consultant public health doctor in Wales. I think this book would be great to use in the classroom as a link to Science work in KS2 on micro-organisms and microbes. But most of all, it is an absolute giggle. Definitely the most entertaining book I have read for a long time! I very much enjoyed reading it aloud to my children – plenty of scope for putting on voices 🙂 And I enjoyed their reaction to the text.

Many thanks to Chicken House for sending me this top notch book, much appreciated.

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You can find Gwen Lowe on twitter as @gwenllowe

Gwen Lowe by Jonathan James

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Many thanks for stopping by! Happy reading.

Pippa Wilson

9th March 2018



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