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A review of “The Foreshadowing” by Marcus Sedgwick by Jack age 12

The Foreshadowing by Marcus Sedgwick !!Warning-Mild Spoilers inside!! The story is centered around a 17-18 year old girl belonging to a well off family. Her mother is a ‘beck and call’ servant for her husband,who owns a hospital. The girl has had a gift,well,more of a curse. She can see peoples’ deaths,and it torments her […]

Review of VALENTINE JOE by Rebecca Stevens, published by Chicken House

A sweet and spooky timeslip story for 9+ Fourteen year old Rose has a lot of issues to contend with since Dad died. But her trip to Ypres with Grandad  brings unexpected joys and sorrows. As she learns about the shocking toll of the First World War, Rose visits the “neat rows of identical gravestones” […]