Review of 2016!


Thank you to everyone who has supported my hellopipski blog this year!

In 2016 I’ve more than doubled the number of views and visitors compared to 2015, and nearly trebled the number of views!

The most viewed posts were reviews of:

1-Grandpa’s Great Escape
2-The Dreamsnatcher
3-The Bolds (once my famous unfortunate typo was corrected)
4-Jack’s review of The Foreshadowing (must ask him to do another)
5-The Accidental Prime Minister (lots of interest from UAE and the States) Tom McLaughlin

My most viewed interviews were:
1-James Nicol (The Apprentice Witch)
2-Barbara Henderson (Fir For Luck)
3-Sylvia Bishop and Ashley King (Erica’s Elephant)

And I have six months of interviews already booked for 2017.

And my favourite bit of reviewing the year… this year I’ve pretty much doubled the number of countries I’ve reached to 80-including Oman, Angola, Kenya, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Mozambique and Myanmar. China next…!

So thanks to all the readers and authors and illustrators who’ve helped this year. I take pride in being completely independent and not beholden to publicists and publishers, and it seems to be working! I’ve had a great time socialising with some great writers too.

Cheers for all the support – I’m looking forward to more great books and author interviews in 2017!

Thanks so much  

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