‘It’s A Good Job Santa’s Real!’ A Christmas poem by Pippa Wilson

A Christmas poem for all the Keepers of the Family Happiness. (One for the grown-ups!)

Many thanks to all the readers of my blog, and to all the fabulous contributors in 2016. Lots to come in 2017!

Merry Christmas to you all! 

Pippa xxx



Couldn’t resist sketching Raymond Briggs’ bloomin Father Christmas!

🎅It’s a Good Job Santa’s Real 🎅

It’s a good job Santa’s real,
because if it were left to me,
The annual stocking-filling ordeal
would be a calamity.

After years of soothing babies
in the middle of the night,
I know I’m not that stealthy
or much good at keeping quiet.

See: every time I try to move
my joints go crick and creak.
How Saint Nick would disapprove:

My blundering technique!

As I tiptoe out the bedroom,
toys lurk beneath my feet.
I tend to set off tinkling tunes,
And unleash booming beats.

I slip and slide on rogue balloons,
wobbling, quite unsteady;
go crashing into piles of games,
and squash some squeaky teddy.

I’d never in a million years
get that stocking in position.
And anyway, let’s face the fact:
Being pissed would kill the mission.

So thank you, Santa. You’re a star…

…I’ll leave it ALL to you.

Pippa Wilson December 21st 2016



  1. Haha! Love it. Merry Christmas! ❤

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