Book Review : “Winter Magic” a collection of stories, curated by Abi Elphinstone.


Simon and Schuster £9.99

Cover by Thomas Flintham @thomasflintham


Look at all these fabulous authors! And all in the one book!



This magical collection sparkles with all the essential elements of children’s literature in one beautiful edition. 

Firstly, it’s a rare treat to find so many award winning authors in one place: and this is a stellar compilation, curated by the ever-sparkly Abi Elphinstone. Winter Magic is a seasonal celebration of some of the best writing talent in the world of children’s literature. (And secondly, it’s really hard to give all these fabulous authors the credit they deserve in a review!)

Eleven delightful stories take us through wintry landscapes with fearful avalanches, snowy mountains, a frozen river Thames and even the underworld. We’re whisked through perilous situations to make us shiver: with wolves, witches and ghostly connections. Curses, magic and Snow Queens flurry through the pages. But our hearts are also warmed with the quest to find the perfect gift, ballerinas, finding an unexpected connection with a beloved grandparent, and cosy fireside kisses.

Winter Magic gives us a delicious selection of exciting adventures (for example, midnight husky safaris and time travelling) and unforgettable characters, such as a snow dragon, elves and princesses who set off on quests. And I love Michelle Magorian’s beautiful poem about the snow.

All the magic of the Christmas season is stuffed into this beautiful hard back book, which really will be a perfect gift for avid readers age 9+. If you’re looking for a feel-good ‘Hygge’ experience to enjoy with a hot chocolate and Christmas tunes, this is the only book you need! And what a bargain for £9.99!

I was lucky to be invited to the launch party for this book at Waterstone’s Piccadilly (5 floors of gorgeous books!), and was fortunate to meet most of the contributing authors. I must admit I was completely starstruck having the opportunity to speak to Michelle Magorian, after years of teaching Year 6 Goodnight Mr Tom. It was an absolute dream come true, so many thanks for the invitation! Simon and Schuster had a great idea to put this collection together, and I’d love to see more books like this.

If you in the Birmingham area, there is an event on 7th December with some of the authors, for details click here.

Happy Reading everyone:)

Pippa Wilson

25th November 2016



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