“Robyn Silver – The Midnight Chimes” by Paula Harrison.


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Scholastic £6.99

Best-selling author Paula Harrison has a brand new series coming out! After the massive success of her Rescue Princess, Red Moon Rising and Secret Rescuers series, we can look forward to this new character: Robyn Silver! And much to my delight, there are fantastic illustrations too by Renee Kurilla. For those interested in the cover design, please have a read of Paula’s blog post  here:


The Scholastic website says:

Wish life could be more exciting and magical? Be careful what you wish for. Life used to be normal for ten-year-old Robyn, the middle kid in a big family. Excitement used to mean dashing to the dinner table to grab the last slice of pizza. Until she started to see creepy creatures everywhere. Robyn knows they’re real, although no one else can see them. She also knows they’re up to no good. And when her school is forced to move to spooky Grimdean House, owned by the sinister Mr Cryptorum, things get REALLY freaky. Skeletal fingers creeping out of cupboards? Mirrors which reflect spectral faces? A wave of dark magic is hitting Robyn’s town, and only she can stop it! EEEK!

So what did I think?

This action-packed story whizzes along in the first person, starting with Robyn remembering how she used to wish that her life could be more exciting. But her life soon takes a much more unpredictable path when she starts seeing strange creatures. She discovers it’s quite a problem, defending yourself from a wild, stinky, spiky creature in the kitchen when no one else can see the thing! (I did feel a little unsettled that Robyn’s family life was a little like my own household) Eventually she gets a sign that the creature is real…then more strange things start happening!

The chapters have very cool titles e.g “Tree-maggedon Strikes our School” and “Our New Club Has the Dumbest Name Ever” which made me chuckle. There’s so much to keep you turning the pages here: bogguns, kobolds, scree sags to be dealt with and mysteries to be solved. But with a trusty bunch of allies, and impressive sword and archery skills, Robyn defies the strange turn of events. Robyn is a great heroine: determined and ready for a challenge!

Paula has an eviable talent in telling a non-stop action adventure, and quickly portrays the world Robyn is living in. With the strange creatures and mysterious events, I think this book would appeal to fans of Harry Potter and The Spiderwick Chronicles.

It’s a great book for those readers venturing into longer stories, with plenty to reward them! I’d say it’s perfect for 8-12 year olds, and a lovely one for adults to read aloud at bedtime too.

I’m pretty sure this book is going to be a BIG hit, and please, please, please can someone turn this into a film?

Happy Reading!

Pippa Wilson @hellopipski

P.S Here is Paula talking about this book!

And many thanks to the Scholastic team for responding to my request to read a review copy (one of the very rare occasions! But I couldn’t miss out). Thank you!

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