A review of “Oi Frog” by Kes Gray and Jim Field

oi frog

Hodder £6.99

This lively book pairs up the multi award-winning Kes Gray (author of Eat Your Peas and the Daisy books) and the equally prolific award-holding Jim Field (illustrator of The Parent Agency and The Lion Inside). And what a fantastic pairing: the hilarious conversation between the bossy know-it-all cat and the mildly peeved frog perfectly match the bright and comic illustrations.

It all begins when Cat dramatically shouts, “Oi Frog! Sit on a log!”, but Frog doesn’t really want to sit on a log, so he questions the convention. Cat purrs forth her wisdom (incidentally you can attribute your own genders to the characters, or ignore!) by telling Frog what objects different animals should sit on. Cat’s list goes on and on, with Frog querying how comfortable some of these suggestions are. It all ends with a hilarious twist, which I for one did not see coming!

I first came across this book at my local library. I read it to my three year old, and she immediately demanded that I re-read it to her. On the 5th re-read I had to call my husband for reinforcement (in need of refreshment!), and he read it another couple of times to her. That has never happened before, so I think that’s the biggest accolade we can give this book! Of course, we now have our own copy, and I really genuinely do think this is a future classic that will stand the test of time.

As a parent and teacher, I found it very entertaining myself, and am pretty sure Year 1 teachers would love this book as a fun antidote to phonics drills!

Here’s the book trailer to give you a flavour!


Happy Reading!


21st August 2016

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