A Review of Aaron Blabey’s “The Bad Guys” Episode 1


Created by award-winning Australian writer (and actor) Aaron Blabey

Published by Scholastic.

Paperback £5.99

So what did I think?

Mr Wolf has decided that it’s not fair that so many of his friends have a bad reputation, so he takes it upon himself to set up The Good Guys Club. Mr Wolf forces the Good Guys-that’s him, Mr Shark, Mr Snake and Mr Piranha (from Bolivia)- to join him in his mission to rescue and save animals in distress in order to be heroes for a change. Mr Wolf’s suggestion does not go down too well, but he manages to drag The Good Guys Club out to look for trouble.

See an illustration here

“If we’re going to be heroes, we ALWAYS need to be on the lookout for trouble”

And so The Bad Guys attempt to be The Good Guys with hilarious results.

I read this with my eight year old, splitting the parts to read aloud between us, and we read it all in one go. Being a Phoenix-comic-loving-kid, the layout of the text and the brilliant illustrations were just the perfect level for him. It was pretty much custom made for his sense of humour: plenty of farting, butt jokes; and comic eye and eyebrow action going on in the illustrations. We both laughed the whole way through.

I think the concept of this book has been brilliantly realised by an author and publisher who really get what kids want. This is perfectly accessible for reluctant reader, yet also full of fun-filled action and humour for more confident readers. I loved the Reservoir-Dogs-ish presentation of the characters, and the voice of Mr Wolf too. It’s told really (enviably) well in language my son is familiar with from cartoons and comics.

The Bad Guys is deceptively clever, easy on the eye and guaranteed to get you laughing out loud. The humour is all in the characterisation: you must have a look!

My son will be waiting for the next one…in the meantime we’ll watch Aaron Blabey’s YouTube videos.

Happy Reading!

Pippa @hellopipski



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