A review of Perdita and Honor Cargill’s “Waiting for Callback”.

Waiting for callback

Simon and Schuster £6.99

So what did I think?

An eye-wateringly funny and tender feelgood treat!

Smart, much-loved only child Elektra loves acting, and yearns to break through as a young actor. So she throws herself into the rites of passage that every actor must go through in order to gain that ultimate dream-role. Soon, her time fills up with auditions, trying to get an agent, as well as putting time into her acting classes. On top of that, she has to juggle her studies and friendships at school. Elektra has a bumpy ride on her journey towards stardom: brief triumphs and toe-curling humiliations fire at her from all directions. The poor girl certainly goes through it! I was really rooting for her all the way through.

Waiting For Callback is a beautiful portrayal of teen hopes, friendships and angst. It’s also a beautiful portrayal of the mother-daughter relationship (which I found very touching). Elektra’s mother is permanently anxious about something-anything really! It really brings home to you what pressures young people face with all their actions under the scrutiny of social media, and with so many restrictions arising from parental anxiety.

This book really resonated with me as the mum of an aspiring teen actor, and also as a grown-up wannabe ballet dancer who never fulfilled her ambitions after being turned down by the Royal Ballet School. When I was a youngster, my favourite books were Ballet Shoes and Curtain Up by Noel Streatfield, so Waiting for Callback for me harks back to that, albeit in a very modern and hilariously funny way.

There are so many laugh out loud episodes that this a perfect book to cheer you up: a kind of hug-in-a-book. The budding romance between Elektra and Archie builds up very nicely through the story, and the ending left me very teary eyed! I can highly recommend it as a feel-good antidote to the stresses and strains of real life. Treat yourself!

Happy Reading!

Pippa Wilson

21st April 2016

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