A review of “This is NOT a Bedtime Story” by Will Mabbitt and Fred Blunt.



Puffin Books. £6.99 Paperback

Take a look inside here.

Written by Will Mabbitt, illustrated by Fred Blunt

When Sophie asks her dad for one more bedtime story, he tells her quite emphatically that it will be a short one. It’s a pink girlie one with a pretty lame opening. Sophie’s having none of it (the eyebrows say it all), and she points out they’ve had it before, which dad isn’t too sure about.

The story is all too predictable for Sophie, so she starts interjecting better suggestions for the plot. On each page we see the text of the story Sophie objects to, and her much more exciting and adventurous alternatives. At first dad is reluctant to join in, but gradually he becomes wrapped up in the lightsabres and robot dinosaurs and rocket launchers.

For grown-ups the range of dad’s facial expressions of surprise and confusion will have you chuckling (the kids will be too busy re-enacting the scenes!); and exhausted parents will identify strongly with the endpapers at the end of the book.

Kids will love Sophie’s action-packed ideas, and the cartoony characters in the lively illustrations will delight them too.

A brilliant and fun reminder about what kids really want from a story!

Happy Reading!

Pippa Wilson @hellopipski






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