A Review of ‘Chicken Nugget’ by Michelle Robinson and Tom McLaughlin

chicken nugget

Text by Michelle Robinson (author of lots of books including ‘There’s a Lion in My Cornflakes’), illustrated by Tom McLaughlin (also author of ‘The Accidental Prime Minister‘).

Puffin Books £6.99

Poor little Chicken Nugget. No one listens to you, and everyone else always has more than you. But when your funny looking long-lost cousin Franz turns up, you do come out of your shell. Then, when your family gets in a right flap, you pluck up a lot of courage and show them what a big heart you have.

This story quickly establishes that Chicken Nugget has an issue with being the smallest in the family, and with the story being told in the first person, we soon empathise with his or her predicament (love the way the gender is left for you to decide).

Tom McLaughlin’s bright and lively illustrations perfectly match the story, and let the reader in on Franz’s secret- while Chicken Nugget is naively unaware of the danger Franz brings.Michelle Robinson cracks plenty of egg related jokes to keep the grown up readers amused, and the ending has a very satisfying resolution and punchline!

This is a chirpy twist on the classic chicken versus fox story, which my nearly-three year old enjoyed as much as me.

Thanks to my fellow Golden Egg Academy picture book writer Emma Perry for suggesting this book as a good read.

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  1. We got this from the library a couple of weeks ago. My 3yo loves it! I really like all the chicken/egg related puns too.

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