Review of Steve Cole’s “Stop those Monsters” by Pippa Wilson


stop those monsters


Simon and Schuster £6.99

Text by Steve Cole. Illustrations by Jim Field.


Jim                                                                                                 Steve

Good Reads Synopsis:

The Wizard of Oz meets Monsters Inc in this MONSTROUSLY funny stand-alone story from bestselling author phenomenon, Steve Cole.
I’m Bob, a human boy stuck in a land of MONSTERS. I’m trying to get out with the help of three – count them, three – incredible creatures.
There’s Verity, who looks like a giant hamster. Alfie, who’s about as scary as a bag of crisps. And Zola, a gorgon who can’t turn people to stone (though she can manage cardboard at a push).

We’re on a crazy, death-defying quest to escape with our lives. And all around us, the cry goes up: STOP THOSE MONSTERS!!!

So what did I think?

A must for fans of Astrosaurs and Cows in Action and other crazy reads!

Monster mayhem erupts when Bob has a ‘brown trouser moment’ and falls, wait-no, CRASHES into something rancid and rotten (while farting all the way). Turns out he’s landed in Terra Monstra. He’s 32% afraid, 36% excited and 32% full of wonder. With his head about to explode with questions, it’s a good job he makes friends with Verity, Alfie and Zola. As he seeks a way to return home he meets all kinds of weirdness, and calamities keep curve balling at him.

This is a whoosh along theme park ride of a book, so pay attention. And you’ll be brilliant at percentages by the end of it.

Jim Field‘s brilliant illustrations boost the monstrous humour. Although a discreet warning for grown-ups: this book contains arguably the most disturbing picture of a bottom in the entire history of children’s literature. It’s 100 % likely to induce the “ewwww!” reaction.

I think this book would suit kids who love getting The Phoenix comic. My eight year old was so keen to finish the book that he read the last couple of chapters independently, which was a first!

Happy reading!


18th January 2016


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