Learning to draw with Mark Crilley

When Chris Riddell took over as children’s laureate, I thought it would be the perfect time to have a go at drawing.

As a kid I used to spend many an hour doodling and creating,so I thought how daft to give it all up for no good reason!

So after a few searches on YouTube, I came across Mark Crilley’s channel, and I’m so glad I did!

He is the most amazing teacher: his comments are so clear and easy to follow, I really, truly believe he could get the best out of everyone. I’ve done a lot of chibis as the kids love drawing along with me too.

Part of the reason I’ve been wanting to get back into drawing is that I’m currently working on 3 picture books with the Golden Egg Academy, and I’m really trying to get a better understanding of how words and pictures relate to each other in story telling.

So if you fancy having a go too, take a look at his videos-there’s a really diverse selection.

Thanks Mark!

photo 1 (1)_2.JPG surprised chibiangry chibi

photo 2_2wolfhoodie chibiphoto 1_2eyemouthkitten


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