Review of ‘Deep Water’ by Lu Hersey

Deep water

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Blurb from Good Reads:

When her mum vanishes, Danni moves to a tiny Cornish fishing village with Dad – where the locals treat her like a monster. As the village’s dark, disturbing past bubbles to the surface, Danni discovers that she’s not who – or what – she thought she was. And the only way to save her family from a bitter curse is to embrace her incredible new gift.

So what do I think?

Well, for starters I agree entirely with Malorie Blackman’s endorsement on the front cover: Outstanding…I raced through it.

Lu Hersey’s style is so easy to read (and I mean that as a big compliment), that I felt like I was gliding through the story in a lovely smooth swoosh. I immediately identified with Danni in her modern day home, with separated parents and mum out at work. But straight away we’re alerted to the fact that something strange is happening. Written in the first person, present tense, we experience exactly what is happening to Danni by Lu’s fantastic use of the five senses and clear depiction of what is happening. The setting of Cornwall is very alluring and mystical; and Dad, a New age guy with dreadlocks and a nose ring is not your regular Dad in a story.

The action unfolds quickly and dramatically, with plenty of mystery and intrigue along the way. As Danni tries to discover what happened to her mother, she discovers new family and old ways, meaning that her life will never be the same again.

I really enjoyed this, especially the blend of everyday contemporary life with mythical mysteries in a very plausible way. The copy I read was from the Teen section of our local library, but I would say it’s probably best suited to 12+.

I think it would suit readers who enjoyed books like Valentine Joe, Boy in the Tower and A Boy Called Hope, and are now ready to move onto something a little darker.

Let’s hope this is made into a British produced film!

Pippa Wilson


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