The Cracker Hacker by Pippa Wilson

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My first book!

I wrote this Middle Grade book last September for my two eldest children who were completely obsessed with Minecraft and learning to code. One day my eldest son walked in the room with a strop, saying, “Mum, Dad’s just banned me from thinking!” which gave me the opening line: “Jack, you’re banned from thinking!”

It was a bit of fun with my children, especially the parts relating to Minecraft. But it quickly built up momentum, and we decided to self publish it. We’ve been really surprised at how many downloads we’ve had, and I’m really pleased with the reviews on Amazon and Good Reads.

I’ve spent the last few months writing a new Middle Grade book called “Pioneers” which I am now editing. I’ve joined SCBWI and done my research, and am hoping to get the next book traditionally published.

But I have to admit I do miss Jack in ‘The Cracker Hacker’. Some young readers have asked me if I will write the prequel…I’m thinking about that!


From my Amazon page:

“I really enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to any Minecraft and computer geeks of any age” . 
“A great story for today’s child of 9+” reviewers March 2014. 

A book for children aged 9-13. 
The Cracker Hacker, Jack MacLuckie, loves Minecraft and gaming, but in real life faces sister trouble. A coding genius and budding games developer Jack is a modern day kind of superhero (but without that silly pants over the trousers thing). As his sister Bella falls prey to a nasty cyberbully, Jack is faced with a dilemma: Should he use his hacking talents to bail her out, or sort it out in real life? 
As he tries to solve the problem Jack soon discovers that he is not the only one in the family keeping secrets. Why is Mum suddenly so addicted to her Grumpy Pigeons game on her mobile phone? Why is Dad always disappearing? And why does Jack owe his life to Bella? 
Jack soon learns that online profiles and real life dramas can make one tricky mix. Will he ever pick his way out of the mess? 
Jack likes: Minecraft, coding, his sister Bella, Aikido, visiting Bletchley Park, reading his great grandad’s war diaries, unicorns and biscuits. 
Dislikes: Oliver (the noob), homework, sun cream, dog poo and tinned sardines. 
Ambition in life: To be the next Notch. 
“Some of the bullies at school call me a hacker as an insult. I know they’re really jealous. I’m just a valiant seeker of information, saving people from danger and harm. Someone who needs a little trumpet fanfare to make an entrance. A kind of modern day superhero, but without the cape. And not wearing pants on top of my trousers. Definitely not the pants thing.” 
Recommended for age 9+.



  1. Nice idea , good luck with it I hope many people read it :3

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