What SCBWI has done for me!


A few weeks ago I joined SCBWI as a birthday present to myself. In September I’d decided on impulse to finally get round to writing all those books I’d been thinking about for years.

As I started my own learning journey into being a children’s writer, I quickly spotted the SCBWI acronym popping up a lot on Google searches and Twitter. After a tip off from another SCBWI member to look at the Words and Pictures magazine, I realised the one investment I was willing to make was SCBWI membership.

Since joining I have really enjoyed reading all the articles posted by other members on the Facebook page. I feel like I am training myself up to move into a different profession, and community. While I’m on maternity leave I want to soak up as much information as possible. I live in the hope that everyone else’s magic and sparkle will rub off on me too!

So far I have joined a critique group and entered the slushpile challenge, which are hugely exciting developments for me. It’s so nice being able to talk to people who know what you’re on about (rather than having to endlessly bore my long suffering husband). I’ve also really enjoyed all the posts from the artists about how they undertake their art work, as I’ve had a go at writing a few picture books. Thinking about it from the illustration perspective is something I need to reflect more on, so (not being that arty) the posts have really developed my understanding.

I was excited to receive my “Essential Guide to Publishing for Children” in the post. I really hope to make the conference this year.

All these things put together make me feel like I’m making progress with my ambitions and dreams.

So, thankyou SCBWI!

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