A request to my children’s school: Please reinstate World Book Day celebrations!


Dear Headteacher,

I’m writing you this poem

As it’s nearly World Book Day.

If you have time to listen,

There’s something I’d like to say:

In our house we all love books,

The characters and their stories.

So the kids would like to get dressed up,

In costumes full of glory.

For two years now we’ve waited,

For the chance to come around

To get dressed up and come to school

As a character for a pound.

So please, this year could we have

World Book Day reinstated?

We’re blessed with such great literature,

Isn’t it time to celebrate it?



  1. […] A request to my children's school: Please reinstate World Book Day celebrations!. […]

  2. Great poem and well said! Hope your head teacher listens. x

  3. Why have they dropped world book day? Thats scandalous.

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