Top 4 Reasons Agents Pass Based On Your Sample Chapters

Food for thought!

Carly Watters, Literary Agent Blog

good booksAs you know, agents get hundreds of submissions a month. We narrow that down to a select few to request that catch our eye. On top of all the client reading, contract negotiation and putting out fires, we have to squeeze time in to read your sample chapters. It takes us weeks to get to them because we have so many other things on our plates that have higher priority.

When we finally find time to read some new projects there are a few things that go through our heads: 1) we are looking for something TRULY great with outstanding writing and an electric premise; 2) we have so much on our plates that if we do really like it sometimes ‘like’ isn’t actually good enough and we still pass; and 3) if we’re looking at a dozen partials things can blur together and we need something that is absolutely…

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