SO YOU WANT TO WRITE FOR CHILDREN? Chapter 7. Create your world

If the book’s any good, the reader will immediately be drawn into the world you create.

So before you start writing, you’d better know this world yourself!

Sometimes I create a “moodboard”, a collection of images from a certain time period or location to get me started.

On other occasions I make in-depth notes. Other times just a few notes, and keep the rest in my head.

You could draw maps, or sketch the main characters. Sometimes I wish I could draw!

I saw a recent conference had a workshop on world building where they used Playmobil ! Seems a fun way to kick off the ideas.

It’s not just about the characters,though.  It’s about locations, zeitgeist, the ways characters speak, how society is working. You will not use all the details in the story, but you will know they are there.

Above all, it has to be convincing, no matter how far-fetched or fantastical the world or storyline.

Have fun!

My favourite (and in my opinion convincing story worlds)

Northern Lights (His Dark Materials series) by Philip Pullman

Charlie Small series Nick Ward/David Fickling books

Harry Potter-say no more!

Wolf Brother (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series)

The Terrible Thing That happened to Barnaby Brocket by John Boyne



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