Comica Conversation:Shaun Tan and Quentin Blake

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The thing about conversations is, you never know which way they will go. So a conversation between my two favourite contemporary author/ illustrators (who had never met before) filled me with immense excitement and anticipation. The Comica Event organised by Paul Gravett and Peter Stanbury at the St. Alban’s Centre was the first event in over five years to drag me back into London from the cosy safety of Home and Not London.

Having lugged my precious books around London all day, I was determined to have the chance to get them signed. How relieved was I to see that most others attending had the same idea. There was a real buzz in the air as Paul introduced the two guests for the evening.

As Quentin Blake began to about his drawings and paintings, it was clear to see Shaun’s admiration and reverence towards him. “I have an advantage, I…

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