Have you ever thought about having your own book published? I have, ever since reading The Secret Seven series more than 30 years ago. I’ve always assumed I would at some point manage to get a book published, seeing as I’d read so many books in my lifetime. I suppose I hoped that all the great literature I’d […]

“Libraries are our friends.”   ―     Neil Gaiman Staring face to face with that paragon of materialism and retail therapy that is Milton Keynes Shopping Centre stands  Milton Keynes library. An ark for  all ages and backgrounds. Maybe it’s the last bastion of democracy  left in our town. Anyone can use it regardless of status, giving us all equal […]

A few weeks ago I joined SCBWI as a birthday present to myself. In September I’d decided on impulse to finally get round to writing all those books I’d been thinking about for years. As I started my own learning journey into being a children’s writer, I quickly spotted the SCBWI acronym popping up a lot […]

Dear Headteacher, I’m writing you this poem As it’s nearly World Book Day. If you have time to listen, There’s something I’d like to say: In our house we all love books, The characters and their stories. So the kids would like to get dressed up, In costumes full of glory. For two years now […]

So now you’ve worked everything out in your head, write the damn thing! Regard this as the creative “anything goes” phase, and get the story down on paper. Don’t worry about making it perfect, or following the rules, just get the words out! Keep in mind a few key things: make sure it is the […]

As a primary school teacher, I have helped children plan stories in their literacy lessons, and we talk in very simple terms about the “story mountain”. Here’s an example from the Communication4all website (a fabulous resource for teachers by the way!) http://www.communication4all.co.uk/http/Story%20Writing.htm  In my own writing this is my initial general idea, I have to […]

There’s nothing like penning a short story to sharpen your skills. Here’s a list of competitions in the UK. I’m going to have a go at a couple this year. http://www.booktrust.org.uk/books/adults/short-stories/prizes/ Good luck!


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