£6.99 Chicken House Book trailer       Rachel Ward website  “I’d always seen the numbers, for as long as I could remember. I thought everyone did. Walking down the street, if my eyes met someone else’s there it would be, their number.  I used to tell my mum people’s numbers as she pushed me along in […]

 £6.99 Usborne Booktrailer Lara Williamson’s “A Boy Called Hope” tells the story of Dan Hope, an eleven year old boy, who wants his Dad to love him. After Dan’s Dad walked out when he was seven, he’s been muddling along just fine. But seeing his Dad on TV prompts Dan to try to contact his father […]

By Diane and Christyan Fox. £11.99 by Words & Pictures (Quarto) I recently read this jolly book to my six year old, then as soon as I’d finished, he asked me to read it all again. At last, I thought, a book that makes me laugh as much as him. He was laughing at the […]


My first book! I wrote this Middle Grade book last September for my two eldest children who were completely obsessed with Minecraft and learning to code. One day my eldest son walked in the room with a strop, saying, “Mum, Dad’s just banned me from thinking!” which gave me the opening line: “Jack, you’re banned […]

  As deliciously dreamy as walking into a parisien patisserie. Stick on the Amélie movie soundtrack, grab yourself a baguette and a ‘café’ and settle in, as you won’t want to put the book down! On her first birthday, Sophie is found floating “in a cello case  in the middle of the English Channel”  wrapped “in the musical […]



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