My first book! I wrote this Middle Grade book last September for my two eldest children who were completely obsessed with Minecraft and learning to code. One day my eldest son walked in the room with a strop, saying, “Mum, Dad’s just banned me from thinking!” which gave me the opening line: “Jack, you’re banned […]

  As deliciously dreamy as walking into a parisien patisserie. Stick on the Amélie movie soundtrack, grab yourself a baguette and a ‘café’ and settle in, as you won’t want to put the book down! On her first birthday, Sophie is found floating “in a cello case  in the middle of the English Channel”  wrapped “in the musical […]


A sweet and spooky timeslip story for 9+ Fourteen year old Rose has a lot of issues to contend with since Dad died. But her trip to Ypres with Grandad  brings unexpected joys and sorrows. As she learns about the shocking toll of the First World War, Rose visits the “neat rows of identical gravestones” […]

Have you ever thought about having your own book published? I have, ever since reading The Secret Seven series more than 30 years ago. I’ve always assumed I would at some point manage to get a book published, seeing as I’d read so many books in my lifetime. I suppose I hoped that all the great literature I’d […]

“Libraries are our friends.”   ―     Neil Gaiman Staring face to face with that paragon of materialism and retail therapy that is Milton Keynes Shopping Centre stands  Milton Keynes library. An ark for  all ages and backgrounds. Maybe it’s the last bastion of democracy  left in our town. Anyone can use it regardless of status, giving us all equal […]


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